The mission of Operation College Promise is to support veterans and servicemembers transition into higher education; assist higher educators in developing appropriate on-campus mechanisms to optimize success in degree attainment; and collaborate with entities nationally in development of evaluation instruments to document veterans' student progress toward degree completion and employment.

OCP aspires to be a leading national model in achieving this mission by:


Convening a National Advisory Council (NAC) and other experts, including higher education representatives, veteran service providers and subject matter experts to evaluate the benefits of programs and subject matter experts to evaluate the benefits of programs and support services for Post-9/11 student veterans; identifying those policies that will enhance higher education degree access and attainment; and promoting ongoing innovation in the field of veteran support services.
Consulting with, and advising, appropriate policymakers and educators to recommend appropriate policies and regulation needs that will assist colleges and universities in being more efficient and effective in servicing their student veteran and servicemember population. 
Conducting ongoing evaluations of on-campus service, student satisfaction and progression toward degree attainment through the Graduation Probability Indices (GPI) to measure veterans' educational success, as well as further disseminating the GPI to a broader population at pilot partner institutions. 
Hosting ongoing professional development opportunities, including, but not limited to, the Certificate for Veterans Service Providers (CVSP) program. 
Building effective communications and information dissemination through strategies including web-based technology, social networking and an OCP listserv to connect OCP partners across the nation. 
Developing innovative curricula, in concert with higher education and partner institutions to create pilot degree programs for veterans tailored to occupations that will optimize their military experience and leadership skills. 
Continuing to participate and contribute to events, conferences, and symposiums that will assist OCP disseminate proper practices illustrated in OCP's "Framework for Veteran Success," and continuing to amend the components of the framework consistent with research and evaluation results that are gained through ongoing programming. 
Identifying additional outreach and educational support for student veterans and expanding partnerships with other like-minded organizations supporting educational services for veterans.