Dear Soldier:

On March 15, 2011, the Department of Defense (DoD) issued a letter of instruction, DoDI 1322.25, that requires all schools receiving federal tuition assistance (TA)from the military Services to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DoD. The DoD MOU, which is available at, articulates the new policy and agreement for schools receiving military TA.

Many schools currently accepting TA have already signed the MOU. For a listing of schools that have signed the MOU go to: If your school has not signed the MOU by 1 January 2012 it will not be able to receive federal TA and you will not be able to use your federal TA to pay for courses at that school. Schools that do not sign the MOU will be suspended in GoArmyEd on 1 January 2012. 

If your school is not on the institution list, you are encouraged to contact the school to determine their intent and request an update on the school's MOU application. If your school decides not to sign the MOU and you wish to continue to attend that school you will need to pay your tuition using another funding source, possibly your veterans affairs education benefits. If you wish to continue to use federal TA you will need to transfer to a school that has signed the DoD MOU. Soldiers must contact an Army education counselor in order to change their home school and degree plan within GoArmyEd. Check with your local Army Education Center for more guidance and information involving residency issues and credit transfer between schools.


The tuition assistance program will continue to help Soldiers pay for college courses. The federal TA program covers certificate programs, college undergraduate courses and most graduate courses delivered through on-line distance learning and/or traditional classroom instruction. The DoD policy outlined in DoDI 1322.25 will ensure that a viable program to deliver TA is in place to assist you in realizing your educational goals.


Headquarters Army Continuing Education System


Deadline for Colleges to Sign New Agreement on Military Tuition Assistance Extended